A Letter to Kris Eszlinger

Looks like their own studios are having trouble with the owner/manager relationships. This letter was written to Kris Eszlinger from his Studio City, CA location.


Studio City letterClick letter to enlarge

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Z-Ultimate Instructor Arrested for Child Molestation

At Z-Ultimate, your kids are #1 – just ask the San Diego Police, who arrested Z-Ultimate Chief Instructor Juan Melesio on 2 counts of Child Molestation.

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Shihan Paul Taylor and the Strippers

ZUltimate’s own prestigious leader Shihan Paul Taylor and crew enjoying the pleasures that being a respectable Shihan bring to a person of such stature. This fun event was enjoyed on Kris Eszlinger’s boat – since repossessed.

Z-Ultimate Martial Arts Paul Taylor

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Highlights of our “Ultimate” Achievement

ZUltimate: Highlights of our “Ultimate” achievement since September 2010

1) When we broke off in September of 2010, we were almost 100 studios strong. We are now around 68 (see.. size doesn’t matter)

2) We now have 38 studios in California (while the other guys have 60)

3) We have not opened a single new studio since 2010

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Characteristics of a Cult

Below are listed the 13 characteristics of a cult. All martial arts students should be alert to these “Red Flags” and avoid training at such studios.

1) Authoritarian in their power structure

2) Totalitarian in their control of the behavior of their membors

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Cartoon says it all!


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Kriss Eszlinger’s Restraining Order On His Own Son

We have obtained the court documents… what a horrific story that truly indoctrinates Kriss Eszlinger into the Black Belt “Hall of Shame”.

In January of 2010, Kriss Eszlinger felt it necessary to take a restraining order out on his eldest son for fear of being killed. This is truly sad.

This should come as no surprise, as most people who know Kriss Eszlinger already know what an exemplary husband, father and friend he is.

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Russell Clegg – Criminal in Charge

Russell H Clegg Z-Ultimate
Another of the 6 principals of Z Ultimate is showing his criminal record. Russell H Clegg, out of Salt Lake City UT, is another role model for his students and instructors.  As one of the owners of Z Ultimate, he has been charged with Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, Damaging a Communications Device and Assault.

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Lawsuit update, May 2012

Found on the USSD.com website… We found the court docs on the USSD.com website that shows that the court has determined that the “gang of 4″ had no legal right to change the name from United Studios of Self Defense to Z Ultimate. The trial is set for August of 2012. What will happen to the Z Pizza martial artists then?

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Another Z Sensei speaks out – Enough Hypocrisy!

Another Z Ultimate Sensei speaks out against the leadership at ZUtimate, their greed, their lack of humility, their deception.

Enough Hypocrisy

When I began my martial arts training many years ago, it was fun. I can’t say that anymore. Moral is low and fear and uncertainty is high. It’s all about quota’s now – not about the Chief Instructors and Students.

We have all had to live with the Hypocrisy since the break up. Words like honor and loyalty are thrown around loosely by the higher ups but their actions do not reflect these values. We are told it is part of our “Culture”. CULTure is a better word.

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